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FileLocator Pro

A program for immediately locating files and folders
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Windows' default search tool is always accessible in the status bar for the users who need to immediately locate files, folders or applications. Still, it provides you with a limited amount of search filters or preview features. For this reason, programs like FileLocator Pro were developed.

This capable utility gives you access to a wide variety of search filters, is integrated in Explorer's contextual menu, and immediately provides you with the results you need. You can preview search results, get immediate access to detailed info about the found files, export the results list to your local folders, etc.

The most important feature is the application's ability to search content that's being stored in documents, archive files or even Outlook's records (emails, calendar info, contact details, etc.). This feature isn't available in Windows' default search tool and might prove to be of good use.

The only thing I'd add to this application would be an option to choose which type of information from the results list to be exported. Now, it can only export the locations of the found files. The name of the files, date of creation or size aren't displayed in the exported file. Still, this isn't a big deal if you take into consideration how many useful features this app has to offer you.

Briefly, FileLocator Pro is an effective search tool that provides you with a quick and easy way to find almost any type of data on your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Gives you access to dozens of search filters
  • Fast searching speed
  • Allows you to export search results list
  • You can mark your favorite searches and print results list


  • Exports only the file locations
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