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Find files and strings within text files of all kinds, including archive files
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Looking for a specific text string or an elusive file name in a disk full of folders and other files may be a tedious and time-consuming task. FileLocator Pro offers you a plethora of features and search options that will help you find that document, e-mail, file, or code line you knew you had stored somewhere but you can’t remember where.

FileLocator Pro goes well beyond the average file and text search tool. The amount of features it offers and the many settings provided makes it nearly impossible for any text string to hide from its algorithms for long. In order to make the most of this tool, you’ll be required to go through a certain learning curve. The wealth of customizable settings, the way they are located around the interface, together with its somehow colorless design may make this learning curve a bit steeper for some users. Actually, FileLocator Pro comes with a “search wizard” and a “regular expression tester” that will surely help novice users to minimize the hassle. However, the endless possibilities that a good mastering of the program offers are truly worth the effort.

To help you produce highly accurate searches, you are provided with settings that will define the string of text you’re looking for and settings to delimitate the set of files or folders where you want the program to perform the search. It is the combination of both sets in a wise manner that guarantees a fast and accurate set of results. These are listed in various tabs, where you can see an overall summary, the hits themselves, the text, a preview, and the corresponding reports. Hits can be viewed in isolation or within the line or the full text that contains the string. Colorful highlighting techniques will help you locate all the hits in a straightforward way.

FileLocator Pro is a comprehensive software program best suited for users who require finding specific text snippets or filing names among a large amount of disks, folders, and files on a regular basis. Document providers, software programmers, and archivists – among other professionals – will certainly appreciate the high level of detail and customization it provides.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Finds text strings in all text-based formats, e-mails included
  • Searches for text in files within compressed archives without opening them
  • Offers a very high level of search customization
  • Supports scripting
  • Includes a regular expressions tester


  • Requires a learning curve
  • The wealth of features may be confusing at times
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